Southeast Valley High School


St Marys JV only- 15 -2 W (2-8-2)

The Jag JV team traveled to St Mary's to play their JV team. The Jags wasted little time, scoring getting five runs in the 1st. Cale VanSickle had a double, while Bryson Axness and Maverick Dorman did as well. (In JV competition there's a 5 run limit per inning, per Twin Lakes Conference teams). Kaden Holder threw well striking out all the outs in the first 2 innings. The only run was an error who scored on passed balls. Gauge Jones pitched the third and fourth innings. Gauge struck out four batters and allowed one unearned run. Kaden Holder scored three times and had two hits. Tyler Jondle added one hit while Bryson Axness, Cale VanSickle, and Maverick Dorman all added two hits on the day. Good day for the JV team as they get their second win of the season.