Southeast Valley High School


Thank You From Coach Swieter

   As coach of the Southeast Valley Jaguar Football team, I would like to thank everyone for their support this season. The student cheer section (you guys are the best.) as well as all of the Jaguar fans showed great support all season and it was always great when the boys got to do their cheer with you after each win. There are so many people who take time out of their lives to help the football program and it is very much appreciated. 

   I would like to thank my coaching staff of Aaron Swieter, Mark Graves, Mitch Murphy, Kyle Johnson, Gary Balk and their families, as well as my wife, Mindy, for the time and dedication to this program. Nobody except other coaches understand the time spent outside of school and practice to have a successful program and all of our coaches give time out of their lives to better the football team. Special thanks to Megan Davis, our athletic trainer, as she also spends hours and hours helping get our kids back on the field. She has been tremendous at keeping our kids healthy and safe.

   I would also like to express my sincere appreciation to Brad Lane for his years of volunteering to help the team. Brad has been the team statistician for 25 years. Our videographer, Greg Hiesterman, does a great job videotaping the Friday night games. Dennis and Chase Swieter help with tackle statistics on Friday nights and Colton Kamp and Al Jacobson provide the music for our home games. Shout out to Tom Schill and Dammon Clancy for announcing our games and pregame as well as everyone else who helps in the press box. To the ball boys, Hayden Butrick and Casey Hanson, and Bob Butrick for helping them get to the games.

   Thanks to all of the additional Friday night home game helpers including Kerry Hanlon and Brian Hanson preparing the sports complex for games, the Chain Gain Crew, and the workers in the press box. All the EMT’s and police officers that help during and after the games. To the Cheerleaders and coaches, the Band and director, concession stand workers and ticket takers. Our bus drivers Aaron Bradley and Dallas Brinkman and Terry Pouch for lining all the transportation up. Thanks to our local newspapers for your continued coverage and photos! Special thanks to administration Brian Johnson and Brian Hanson. Both have gone above and beyond to help make sure things were taken care of behind scenes to make sure the boys and coaches were taken care of.

           More than anything, I need to thank the players. Your hard work and dedication to this team has paid off and got us where we are today. You have bought into our program and learned what it takes to become a champion. It is not an easy route, but always worth the effort. You have demonstrated what it takes to be successful and this can carry over into every aspect of your life. Never forget what it means to work hard and always believe in yourself.

There are so many more people that have given their time and talents to the SV Football Program and to all of you, I extend my heartfelt appreciation. I apologize if I missed anyone, but know that I appreciate each and every one of you.  - Coach Mike Swieter 


P.S.: Did I mention that WE (all of us) are the 2021 CLASS 2A STATE CHAMPIONS?!?