Southeast Valley High School


Jags Lose First Game of the Season

The Southeast Valley football team lost to Hampton Dumont Cal 13-6. Hampton was in the playoffs last year and is currently ranked 7th in Class 3A.

This was a hard fought game the whole night. The Jags defense was solid the first half holding Hampton out of the end zone numerous times but Hapton had a very good kicker and they made a 43 and 38 yard field goal to take a 6-0 lead in the first half. It is very hard to find a good kicker in high school and that was a big part of their game and it really made the difference.

The Jags Defense only had 1 bad play and it was the very first play of the second half as they allowed a 76 yard pass for the TD and took the lead 13-0. After that play the defense played very well.

The Jags offense was not the same as they have been this season and over the last couple years. They just could not get anything going and then once they fell behind they had to go to the pass. The Jags did march down the field with great catches from Justin Loseke to help set up a Brady Hanson TD run. But turnovers and sacks prevented the Jags from getting any more chances to tie things up. Hampton just brought 7 to 8 guys and we struggled to get the ball off.

We have built this program to win and this was a hard loss for the team. When you have had the success they have had, it hurts even more. The good thing is the team that beat them is in a bigger class and ranked but the Jags were still able to compete the entire game and that is what matters and hopefully fuels the fire for the rest of the season.

It does not get any easier next week as the Jags will be playing OABCIG who is ranked #1 in class 2A. OABCIG has only lost 4 games over the last 4 seasons and have won 2 state championships. The good thing is our kids know how to beat them as 3 of those 4 losses are to us. So we know they will be out to get us. So we need to have a great week of practice.