Southeast Valley High School


Jags Fall to 5-1 Clarion Goldfield Dows

The Jags football team lost to 5-1 Clarion 24-8. This is another game the Jags were in the game and then allowed a couple big plays and changed the game. The Jags had a 8-0 lead and gave up a 72 yard TD run right before half but still had a 8-7 lead. Then Clarion's very first play in the second half had a 69 yard TD run. When you give up 141 yards in two carries and give up 2 TD's in a span of 30 seconds, it was the turning point that we never could never recover from. Then the Jags gave up a late blocked punt and Clarion took advantage of it and took the 24-8 lead and never looked back.

This is another game the boys had chances but just have not found a way to finish. We have a few injuries we are dealing with but we need to get healthy and get focused on Pocahontas and do everything possible to get a win.