Southeast Valley High School


Jaguar Football Lost to ELC 7-0 in Another Heartbreaking Loss

The offense continues to struggle finding the end zone for the third straight week. The boys have been able to move the ball but can't find a way to finish their drives. It just seems no matter what we call something goes wrong over and over again and prevents us from putting it into the end zone. We just have to find a way to finish. We need kids to step up and have that mentality that we are going to score and we have not seen that from them. We have to find that fire and desire and they are lacking that right now. The Jags had a chance to score in the first half. On 3rd and 5 we went to the gate and got 4 yards. From what ELC ran on that play we tried a run pass - option on 4th and 1 and we were not able to put it in. ELC played great defense and knocked the ball out of our WR's hands. The Jags also had another 4th and 2 play and were stuffed and then had one last chance to drive the field and we had a turnover and never got the ball back for one last try.

Defense is playing some outstanding defense but has given up a few big plays and ELC had 2 big plays back to back and that was how they went ahead 7-0. We had poor tackling on 1 play and a blown coverage for the score and that is all it takes 1 or 2 bad plays to change the outcome of a game and we just could not come back from it.

It has been a very frustrating 3 weeks after starting the season 2-0. The boys have been challenged to see who is going to step up and be a leader and help us find a way to get back to winning again. This group needs some leadership and needs to find ways to get the very best out of themselves and light that fire that has not been there.