Southeast Valley High School


Jags Football Opens District Play

The Southeast Valley football team started their District play against ranked #1 and #2 in all Polls OABCIG. OABCIG in the last 4 1/2 season have only lost a total of 4 games and 3 of those losses were to Southeast Valley and OABCIG was determined to not allow that again.

The Jags gave everything they had for 2 1/2 quarters as the Jags led 8-7 with 4 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter. But when things went bad they went bad real fast and the score got away from the Jags and had no chance to get back into the game.

The Jags had numerous plays that would have changed the game but could not capitalize on them over and over again. That has been the story the last two weeks. We put ourselves into great shape numerous times and find ways to not capitalize.

The players and coaches know this needs to improve fast or it will carry over into each game each and every week.  

The Defensive side of the ball has been outstanding the last two games except for 4 big plays, but that is football and those 4 plays hurt us and made the difference in each game. We missed 4 or 5 chances for easy interceptions, plus some missed tackles and after some of those misses are the biggest plays and are a major change in momentum. 

The offense has struggled the last 2 weeks. We just are not finishing drives. We move the ball then take a sack, drop the ball, overthrow an open WR or just do not block well enough. Every combination possible to stall a drive we have found a way to do that.

The Jags have had a lot of success the last 2 seasons and you can tell this team when things are going bad it affects them and they are letting this affect carry over until 2 or 3 plays later and hurting their play. For the boys to have a successful season they need to get over that fast and right away get focused on the next play. We even had some captains step up after the game and go over this as a team. That was needed and the coaches like seeing that leadership.

The big play of the game was Ethan Ackerson recovered a fumble and ran it for a 65 yard TD. Dalton Crouse hit Eli Johnson for the 2 point conversion.

The boys need to move on fast and get ready for a very good ELC team.