Southeast Valley High School


Jags Football Earns Second Victory of the Season

The Football team moves to 2-0 on the season after defeating Emmetsburg 28-14. The Jags had to overcome some obstacles during the game and the heat was one of the main things both teams had to deal with throughout the night. Kids were cramping and just plain worn out throughout this game and this tested us mentally and physically but the boys never let up and kept on fighting.

Both teams struggled to get things going early as both teams did not get a first down in their first two possessions.  Then on our 3rd possession Dalton Crouse hit Eli Johnson for a 64 yard TD reception. This was great to see because week 1 we did not pass much so Eli was due for some receptions.

Things went back and forth but Emmtsburg had a 54 yard reception that set up a TD and they kicked the extra point and took the lead 7-6.

The Jags went right back to work and were moving the ball through the air to many different receivers and also Dalton Crouse had 3 good runs of 14-7-5 but then the Jags threw a INT.

The Jags defense stood their own and got the ball back. Once again the Jags moved the ball with throws of 4-37 and 17 but once again the Jags threw an INT and the Jags were behind 6-7 at half.

The Jags could not start any worse than they did the second half. The very first play the Jags fumbled and Emmetsburg picked it up and ran it in for the score and were ahead 6-14.

The Jags fight back with a nice drive but can't finish and give the ball back. Very first play Emmetsburg fumbled it back and the Jags took advantage of it.

Cale Vansickle came into QB on on his first play threw a TD to Eli Johnson from 22 yards out then also hit Eli Johnson for the 2 point conversion and tied the game up 14-14

3 plays later Ross LArson got a INT and the very first play the line really stepped up and Carl Berglund ran it in from 54 yards out. Cale once again hit Eli Johnson for the 2 point conversion and the Jags had a 22-14 advantage.

Jgas defense started taking over the game and got the ball back to the offense. Brady Hanson had some great hard runs of 2-9-3-4 to keep the clock going and Cale hit Eli Johnson 2 more times for gains of 24 & 13 and the Cale Vansickle hit Eli for his 3rd TD from 4 yards out to take the 28-14 lead and never look back.

This was a great win and the boys overcame a lot during this game. To deal with the heat. To be losing in the 3rd quarter and fight back. Then to overcome 4 turnovers and win the game is something that does not normally happen so to overcome all of that and win we will take it and enjoy it.

The Jags need to get healed up and take care of a lot of things before a very good Hampton Dumont team next week who is 2-0 and is in class 3A. The Jags can't have 4 turnovers and they also had 8 penalties for 75 yards. Those will cause  

us to lose if we do not take better care of things than that.

Coach Swieter was very happy with Coach Graves' defensive plan for this week as the Jags defense held I 35 to 150 total yards and Emmetsburg to 215 and that was giving them 4 extra chances on offense with our turnovers. Coach is also very happy with the boys for not letting up.

The Jags are 24-2 over the last 26 games and the winner of their last 7. The Jags look to continue this success next week against Hampton.

The Jags will have a curtain raiser game next Friday at Hampton at 5:00 and the varsity game will be at 7:30