Southeast Valley High School


Jags FB vs Saydel

The Jaguar football team got back to winning with a huge 51-7 win over Saydel.

This is exactly what the boys needed after a tough loss last week.

Jags defense forced a safety right at the beginning of the game

The Jags offense started off slow with a punt the first time they got the ball and the second time it took an 11 play drive to get their first score. Brady Hanson had a 17 yard TD and he also ran in the 2 point conversion.

Jags defense held them to 3 and punt

Jags put together a 8 play drive together and Brady Hanson scored his 2nd TD from 16 out and made the score 16-0

Jags defense gave up a long scoring drive

Jags got the ball back and had to run a fake punt and got it. 1 play later Cale Vansickle hit Jace Hanson for a 39 yard TD. Cale hit Logan JAeschke for the 2 point conversion. Jags led 24-7 at half.

2nd offense series the Jags had to start passing because Saydel went to a 5 front to stop the run. After a few completions Cale Vansickle ran it in from 14 yards and Cale hit Logan Jaeschke again for a 2 point conversion.

Jags defense continued to play great defense

Cale Vansickle hit Brady Hanson for a 34 yard TD. Spencer Peterson kicked the PAT

Jags defense stuffs them again.

Brady Hanson and Cale Vansickle have runs of 10-11-8-2 and the Cale hit Preston Kennedy for his first catch of the season and then hit Guage Jones for his first TD of the season.

With continues clock the Jags tossed a sweep to Logan Jaeschke and he ran it in from 48 out for the TD

This was a great team win. The line blocked great and the boys took advantage of that. The defense continued to play at a very high level.

THe Jags took a few injuries and need to heal up for a big game next week against Greene County.

The Jags move to 4-2 on the season