Southeast Valley High School


Jaguars Football Has Huge Win Over Greene County

The Jaguar football team headed just 22 miles South to take on Greene County. This is the first time the Varsity football team has ever played them even though they are as close as any football team we could play.

Greene County started off the preseason ranked in the top 10 in Class 2A. They returned 12 starters and 10 All District football players and many picked them to be the District favorite before the season started so we new this was going to be a big game and a lot at stake.

The Jags knew they had to have something new prepared because of the coaching staff at Greene County. Their Head Coach was a player for Coach Swieter for 2 years and then coached with him for 2 years before heading on to start his own coaching career. Once Caden got the head coaching job at Greene County his father Jim Duncan, who was an assistant at Prairie Valley and for the Jaguars for over 10 years, headed down to coach with his son. 1 year later Jeff Kruse, Caden's Father-in-Law, also headed down to Greene County to coach together after coaching most of his career at Prairie Valley and Southeast Valley, so we knew we had to have something ready. So over the last few months we have slowly been preparing for a package they have never seen and waited until this game to see if it worked or not and it did for almost 400 yards. We knew we needed to pound the ball and take time off the clock and keep their offense off the field and that is exactly what the Jags were able to do most of the night.

Greene County first drive was 10 plays and the defense forced them to kick a FG and they missed.

Jags offense took over and put a 17 play drive together with a big pass from Cale VanSickle to Brady Hanson for 25 then Brady and Cale took turns running the ball all the way down the field. Finally on the 17th play on 4th and Goal from the 6 Cale Vansickle had a hard nose run for the TD and the Jags were up 6-0

Jags defense forces a punt

Jags put a 11 play drive together but had to punt

Greene puts 9 play drive together and hit a 35 pass for the TD and take the lead 7-6

With about 2 minutes to go, the Jags were going to play smart but got a quick first down so decided to pass. Cale Vansickle hit Jace Hanson for a 55 yard TD and the Jags took the lead 12-7.

The Kids were drained and a few took themselves out on kickoff and that came back to haunt the boys as Greene County returned the kickoff for 86 yards and the TD. This hurt the Jags big time. We felt we gave up 2 plays the entire half and were behind by 2.

Coaches got after the boys at half because they were hanging their heads and told them to wake it up and let's go win this game. The boys got jacked up and were ready for the second half.

Greene County drove the ball on a 13 play drive but Jags defense held them on 4th and 9 and got the ball back.

Jags offense put together a 12 play drive. Cale VanSickle hit Andrew Miller and Jace Hanson for a couple quick passes but it was back to the ground with runs from Brady Hanson and Cale Vansickle. Cale scored from the 1 and the Jags took the lead 18-14

On the very next play Greene County had a 66 yard reception for the TD and just like that were back in the lead 21-18. At this point the Jags had given up 3 big plays and were in total control of the game but were losing.

Jags tried getting things going but were forced to punt.

Greene has a 12 play drive and looks like they are taking control of the game and then Ross Larson has an INT and gives life back to the Jags.

They were 7 minutes left and the Jags needed to score. They put a 11 play, all run, drive together with runs from Brady Hanson, Cale Vansickle and Dalton Crouse came in for some big runs and also the TD to take the lead 26-21.

With 2 minutes to go Greene County was on the move and then Logan Jaescke had an INT to seal the win for the Jags.

This was a huge win on the season and for our program to pick up a close win like this on the road against a very good team. Coaches are very happy with the boys and they need to enjoy this for a couple days and then we will get ready for Kuemper.

Besides the 3 big plays the Jags defense was outstanding with another great game plan by Mark Graves and the offense was able to put up close to 400 yards and completely controlled the game clock.

Huge thanks to everyone who went out in the cold to cheer us on.

Go Jags