Southeast Valley High School


Jags Start Season with Win Over Interstate 35

2021 Season has started and the Jags started the season with a big 28-0 win over Interstate 35.

Going into this game the Jags had their hands full because Interstate 35 only lost 3 starters from last year on a team with 6 wins. They returned 2,451 yards rushing and a Tailback that just signed Division 1 who was very explosive.

The Jags defense had a new look going into this game. Mark Graves took over the defense coordinator job and installed a 3-4 defense. Mark spent a lot of time in the offseason getting this prepared for the team and got everything learned and gave us a new look moving forward. This new look defense held their Division 1 Tailback to 12 yards rushing after rushing for over 1,500 yards last year. The kids have bought into this system and have worked hard getting it down and the results have already showed after week 1. Any time who can hold a team to 0 is hard and especially a team that returns so many weapons.

Jags defense started the game and forced them to punt after 3 plays.

Jags offense takes over on a nice 15 play drive with 14 runs between Kolsn Kruse and Lathe Muench. LAthe Muench punched it in the 3 yard line and Kolson hit Eli Johnson for the 2 point conversion. Jags lead 8-0

Interstate puts a 9 play drive together but turned it over on downs

Both teams go back and forth a few series and neither one can get anything going.

Jags get the ball back with less than 2 minutes to play. Kolson hit Lathe for a quick 18 yards then hit Colton Brant for a quick 22 and then Kolson ran it in from the 1 yard line. Kolson hit Caden Larson for the 2 point conversion and led 16-0 at half.

Jags take the opening drive 8 plays for the score. Berglund catches a 10 yard reception, followed by a run of 12 from Kolson and a 15 yard run by Lathe. Kolson caps it off with a 32 yard run and the Jags lead 22-0

Jags one-sided and got the ball right back and this was devastating because the Jags took advantage of it by hitting Colton Brant for a 30 yard reception and then Lathe had 4 carries and then punched it in for the score and book 28-0. The Jags had the ball on the last possession of the first half and the first 2 of the second half. The Jags scored 20 points without Interstate ever having the ball for 1 play. It just ruined any chance they had of a comeback. The Jags then focused on trying to get others the ball with 5 guys catching a pass and 7 different guys carrying the ball.

The Jags were able to hold them from scoring the rest of the game and started the season 1-0.  

The Jags will face Emmetsburg next week at their place. We need a great week of practice because anyone who knows Emmetsburg knows it will be a hard fought smash mouth football game.