Southeast Valley High School


Jags Hand OABCIG First Loss Since 2018

The Southeast Valley Football team was ranked #3 and OABCIG was ranked #2 and had won 28 straight games and 2 straight state championships. Both teams entered the game 3-0 and this was one of the biggest games in the state to watch.

The Jags knew they had their hands full with a team coming here with that much success and that long of a winning streak dating back to 2018. BUT few remember the Falcons last loss was to the 2018 Southeast Valley football team in the playoffs. So the Jags were the last team to beat them and the Jags wanted to be the next to give them that loss.

The game started out with a quick fumble from OABCIG but the Jags could only get 6 yards in 4 plays and turned it over on downs.

OABCIG wasted no time scoring in 4 plays and took the lead 8-0

The Jags took over and the game plan for the week was to pound the ball and keep their offense off the field. The Jags line knew if we had a chance to win that our line was going to have to be physical all night and that is exactly what they did. During this drive Kolson hit Eli for a first down on a 20 yard reception. Then Lathe and Kolson pounded the ball. Kolson hit Eli again for another 1st down to keep the drive going and then Kolson ran it in from the 8 yard line. Lathe Muench ran in the 2 point conversion and tied the game 8-0

OABCIG put together a nice 12 play drive and on 4th and 19 hit a guy in the endzone for the TD. They scored on the 2 point conversion and took the lead 16-8. That really took the wind out of the boys but they knew we had to keep fighting.

Lathe Muench ran 3 times, 1 run from Drew Corell and the LAthe Muench again for 3 plays. Kolson had a nice 10 yard run and Lathe Muench scored from the 3. JAgs failed on the 2 point conversion. OABCIG led 16-14

OABCIG's powerful offense wasted no time and went 70 yards in 9 plays and took the lead 22-14. The Jags defense did not have an answer yet but we were close to making some big plays.

With 3 minutes left on the clock the Jags wanted to play smart but yet try getting a score. Kolson has a huge 31 yard run to give the Jags a chance. On 3rd and 14 the Jags ran their Gate package that they had worked on all year but were waiting for the right time to pull it out. Kolson hit Colton Brant for a 40 yard TD and Kolson ran in the 2 point conversion. Score at half was 22-22

For the Jags to have a chance winning this game it was time to take over and that is exactly what happened.

The Jags struggled on the opening drive and went for it on the 45 yard line. Coach is sure people questioned that call but if they had ever watched this team return punts and kickoffs they would understand why it was worth the risk. We did not want to put the ball in their playmakers hands.

OABCIG had the ball for 6 plays and the Jags defense had a huge stand and took the ball over on downs from the 16. That would be the last time OABCIG would touch the ball in the 3rd quarter. The Jags put together a 20 play drive together with 19 straight runs from Lathe Muench, Drew Corell and Kolson Kruse. Then on 4th and goal from the 9 Kolson Kruse hit Eli Johnson for the score. Lathe Muench ran in the 2 point conversion and the Jags took the lead 30-22

Jags defense was pumped up and forced OABCIG to punt just after 4 plays.

THe Jags need to take advantage of this. So nothing changed and the Jags were going to pound the ball. Lathe Muench had a quick 4 yard and 3 yard run then broke a one for 42 and scored. Lathe also punched in the 2 point conversion and now the Jags take the lead 38-22 over the number 2 ranked team in the state. The crowd was going crazy and you could really start realizing that this was looking like a win for the Jags.

OABCIG ran 5 more plays and turned it over on downs. The Jags turned it over on downs after 6 plays.

2 plays later OABCIG throws an Interception to Colton Brant and he scores from 33 yards out. That was the dagger the boys needed. The Jags kneeled the 2 point conversion and won the game 44-22.

All the coaches are so proud of all the boys. This was a great win for the team and our program. The defense held one of the most explosive offenses in the state to 0 points in the second half and the Offense line, TE and FB plaowed the holes for Lathe Muench to take over the game with 37 carries for 168 yard and 2 TD's and 3 2 point conversions. This was a complete team effort.

This will go down as one of Southeast Valleys biggest wins because of what OABCIG has accomplished over the last 3 years.

Southeast Valley likes playing #2 ranked teams

In 2018 Southeast Valley beat Spirit Lake when they were ranked #2

In 2018 Southeast Valley beat Algona when they were ranked #2

In 2020 Southeast Valley beat South Central Calhoun when they were ranked #2

Now 2021 Southeast Valley does it again beating OABCIG when they were ranked #2

Coach Swieter wants to thank all the fans for their support. It does not get much better than that.

It does not get any easier moving forward. The Jags will head up to Estherville Lincoln Central to take on another highly ranked team next week. The boys get no rest. They need to enjoy the win but get right back to work Monday.