Southeast Valley High School


Southeast Valley 2021 2A State Football Champions

The Southeast Valley football team brought home the schools first Team State Championship and the first ever in Webster County. This was a great accomplishment for the players, coaches, school and all of the communities in the Southeast Valley School District.

The Jaguars were coming off two huge wins by defeating OABCIG the defending 1A State Champions and defeating Waukon the defending 2A State Champions. The next Challenge was West Lyon who had won 5 State Titles and have made the playoffs 42 straight years and the 2019 State Champions. This by far was going to be the Jags toughest and biggest opponents of the season. That did not scare the Jags and did not change the game plan going into the Championship week. The Jags stayed in what got them to the Championship and were going to win or lose doing what the boys had done all year.  All the teams West Lyon had played always changed their game plan to stop the West Lyon run game and still West Lyon found ways to win. So Coach Graves kept his defense the same defense the boys used all year and were able to hold West Lyon to 82 total yards rushing. This was just unreal to hold two very powerful running teams the last 2 weeks to both under 100 yards rushing. You always hear Offense wins games and Defense wins championships and that is exactly what the case was this year. The Jags offense had a tremendous year but game after game it was the defense that stepped up over and over to give the offense all those extra possessions. Coach Swieter wants it to be known that from Day 1 Coach Graves installed a new defense and put a lot of time in the offseason preparing for it. He came prepared to every meeting and every practice and made sure as coaches we were prepared and the kids were ready to run his system. All the kids bought in early and gave him everything they had on defense every game. Coach Graves does his coaching from the press box and gives Coach Kyle Johnson, Gary Balk and Mitch Murphy all the calls for them to send in. They have all done an outstanding job making sure the players get the correct calls. When the Jags work defense in practice it takes all 6 coaches to make it all work together and almost every kid is involved in preparing the varsity for each team every week. Coach Aaron Swieter even has to play QB so we have the looks we need but everyone gets their job done. Coach Swieter also hopes that every kid knows they were part of this. Every time the young ones ran scouts against the varsity they made them better and prepared us for what we needed to see every week. The young have spent 5 weeks extra without a game and that can become very long for them but they stuck with it and helped get us better every night.

The game started off with both teams' defense playing hard core physical football and both teams had 2 straight 3 and outs and were forced to punt. It was a quick but boring 0-0 game at the end of the first quarter and neither team was able to get anything going.

Finally in the 2nd quarter Kolson Kruse hit Eli Johnson on a 57 yard TD strike to take the lead 6-0. This was an outstanding play from Eli, his short yard route was not there so he went deep and Kolson did his magic and kept the play alive long enough to find Eli for the score. This was the start of something special.

The Jags defense held West Lyon to 49 total yards and only 1 first down in the first half and the Jags took the 6-0 lead into half time and got adjusted for the second half.

West Lyon came out playing very physical football but the Jags defense was up for the challenge and forced them to punt after just 3 plays again.

Jags offense started with runs of 11 and 6 from Kolson Kruse. He hit a quick pass for 3 yards to Carl Berglund and then capped it off with a huge 54 yard pass to Tre Fisher for the score. Then Kolson Kruse hit Eli Johnson for the 2 point conversion and the Jags led 14-0. This is what the Jags needed. THey knew if they could take a nice lead then West Lyon might have to change their game plan from what they do best.  

2 plays later Caden Larson came up with a fumble recovery and right there is when the Jags needed to take advantage of that situation. Kolson Kruse hit Caden LArson for a quick 7 yard pass, then hit Colton Brant for 29 yards that got down to the 1 yard line and Kolson Kruse ran it in for the score. Since Colton did not score on his big catch we made sure he got a 2 point conversion from Kolson Kruse and the Jags now led 22-0.

West Lyon did not get to the State Championship by giving up. They wasted no time by scoring in 5 plays and within minutes the score was 22-7 and a game again.

Jag's offense went right back to work. Kolson had runs of 4-2 but West Lyon Defense was solid so the Jags needed to win this game in the air. Kolson Kruse hit Eli Johnson for a quick 4 and a huge first down. Then Kolson Kruse hit Tre Fisher on a huge 42 yard reception. This was a big time catch in a big time game. That got the Jags down to the 9 yard line. The Jags stayed passing and Kolson Kruse hit Colton Brant for a 9 yard TD. Then Kolson Kruse hit Tre Fisher on the 2 point conversion and the Jags led 30-7.

Just when the Jags thought this might be over West Lyon scored on a 62 yard pass play and their sideline and fans were going crazy. The JAgs defense stopped West Lyons 2 point conversion and that kept the score 30-13 and that was huge because it was still 3 possessions. But there was still 10:30 to go in the 4th quarter and a lot of game left to play.

Jags offense played it smart and punted back to West Lyon.

The Jags defense allowed 20 yards in 8 plays but stopped them on 4th and 16 and that was it.

Jags offense got into their victory formation and became the 2021 STATE CHAMPIONS.

The Jags coaches and players want to thank all the fans and everyone who supported the boys accomplish this amazing time together. This will be talked about for years to come.

Kolson Kruse MVP in State Championships game

Kolson Kruse named State Championship All Tournament MVP

Aaron Graves Named Iowa Pork Producers Hog of the game