Southeast Valley High School


Jags Win For Homecoming

The Jaguar football team finished the non district football schedule with a big win over Hampton Dumont 34-15 and are now 3-0 before District play starts next week.

Both Hampton and the Jaguars entered the game 2-0 and both teams' varsity defense had not been scored on in 6 quarters of play.

Well that did not take long as Hampton took the opening drive for a quick score with a 30 TD reception and took the lead 7-0 in under 4 minutes.

But the Jags fired back with a nice 15 play drive with 7 runs by Lathe Muench and 5 runs by Kolson Kruse. Lathe Muench scored from the 4 yard line and Kolson Kruse hit Eli Johnson for the 2 point conversion.

H-D wasted no time with a 34 yard run down to the 10 yard line. But the Jags defense was up to the challenge and held them out. This was big for the Jags.

4 plays later the Jags took advantage of that opportunity and Kolson Kruse hit Eli Johnson for a 56 Touchdown.

H-D had a nice 10 play drive together but once again the Jags goal line defense held them out again.

Jags had a quick 4 and out.

H-D 2 plays later fumbled and Zack Miller recovered the fumble. This was the one the Jags needed and took advantage of.

Lathe Muench and Kolson Kruse took turns pounding the ball all the way down the field with great blocking from the line. Lathe Muench punched it in from the 7 yard line and the Jags took the lead 20-7

H-D was forced to punt and Harley Bryson blocked the punt and gave the ball to the Jags at the 34 yard line but the Jags had 3 penalties and were forced to punt.

H-D had to punt after 3 plays and Aaron Graves blocked the punt and gave the ball to the Jags on the 25 yard line with just over a minute to go before half.

Kolson Kruse hit Eli Johnson for a quick 19 yard and then Lathe Muench punched it in from the 2. Jags go into half 26-7

Jags came out and put another drive together with a big catch from Eli Johnson and runs from Kolson and Lathe. LAthe put in his 3rd TD from the 2 and then Kolson Kruse hit Colton Brant for the 2 point conversion and now lead 34-7

H-D put a 13 play drive together and made the score 34-15. H-D also made a late effort to score again but the Jags defense stood up to the challenge and held them out once more.

This was a very nice win for the Jags but they need to clean a few things up before District play. The boys finished the night with 10 penalties for 65 yards and you just can't do that in those big games.  

The Jaguars will host OABCIG who has won 28 straight games and have not lost a game since 2018. 28 games ago their loss was to Southeast Valley so this will be a big game as OABCIG will be ranked #2 and Southeast Valley will be ranked #3.

Please come out and support the boys. This is a huge game for the football team.

Thank you to the great fan support on homecoming. It was great seeing that many people at the game.