Southeast Valley High School


Jags Improve to 2-0 with Win Over Emmetsburg

The Southeast Valley Varsity football team moves to 2-0 on the season with a win over Emmetsburg 46-21.

This was one of those games where the first half is everything you want from your team and the second half was a good learning experience for the younger boys moving forward.  

The first half was a ton of highlights and a smash mouth defense.

SV wasted no time on the first drive. Kolson Kruse hit Tre Fisher for a quick 12 yards, followed by a 62 yard pass from Kolson Kruse to Colton Brant for the Touchdown. Kolson runs in the 2 point conversion.

Defense forces a punt after 3 plays.

First play Kolson Kruse hit Eli Johnson for a 39 yard reception. Then Kolson Kruse ran for 11. Hit Tre Fisher for a 10 yard reception and Lathe Muench ran it in from the 2 yard line. Kolson Kruse hit Eli Johnson for the 2 point conversion and the Jags led 16-0 and only had run 9 plays.

The Jags defense forces another punt after 3 plays. and three plays later they have to punt it back.

Jags force the third straight 3 and out.

2 plays later Kolson Kruse hits Eli Johnson for a 49 yard touchdown. Kolson Kruse hit Carl Berglund for the 2 point conversion and lead 24-0

Jags defense forces 4th straight 3 and out.

Kolson Kruse goes right back at it, hitting Lathe Muench for a 33 yard reception and then hit Colton Brant for a 12 yard touchdown reception.

Emmetsburg fumbles the very first play and Lathe Muench recovers the fumble and the Jags took full advantage of it by putting a nice 9 play drive together. The big play was Kolson Kruse hitting Eli Johnson for a 32 yard reception and then hit Tre Fisher for a 8 yard touchdown. Carl Berglund runs in the 2 point conversion and it is now 38-0

The very next play Emmetsburg fumbled again and Aaron Graves came up with the ball. 2 plays later Kolson Kruse hit Eli Johnson with a 42 yard touchdown and Lathe Muench ran in the 2 point conversion. Jags lead 46-0 going into half.

The varsity defense never stepped on the field the second half. The Jags wanted to stay healthy and get the younger kids some playing time. This was a great learning experience for the young even though that was not the experience the coaches wanted by giving up a lot of yards and 21 points in the second half. It is hard as a coach to watch the varsity dominate like they did and see the lead they built slip away but down the road that experience the young received can help us later this season when called upon. Hopefully the young learned what it is like out there and learned what it is like to play at a varsity level.

The Jags will play Hampton Dumont next week for homecoming. Hampton is also 2-0 and is in class 3A. The JVR team will play at 5:00 and the Varsity game will start at 7:30. Please come out and support the Jags and this is a big game before District football starts.