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Spectating Southeast Valley Events

Updated: 1/9/20

In light of Governor Reynolds' latest proclamation, we have been getting several questions regarding in-person spectator viewing at home events.  After time to rethink spaces and plan, Southeast Valley has established a new protocol for home events.  Please keep in mind, capacity is a real concern.  Our maximum capacity, including participants, is estimated at about 450-500 people without social distancing.

All Venues: 

Masks required 

Social distancing of 6ft or more required from others or other family groups. 

We will continue to clear the gym after each event   

In Burnside (HS Events): 

Each participant family (athletes & cheer) will be allowed immediate household + 2 additional tickets.  If the 2 additional tickets are utilized, the additional admittees must sit within the family unit. 

All 9-12 student body members are allowed to attend and must sit on the stage.  Masks will be required at all times.  No food or drink is allowed on the stage.  No more than 1 warning will be given for those not properly wearing a mask.  The student will then be required to leave and will lose attendance privileges for the remainder of the season. 

Any student not in HS wishing admittance must fall under the immediate household +2 tickets criteria.  These students must sit in the bleachers with the family unit and not on the stage.   

In Gowrie (HS Events): 

Each participant will be allowed 2 tickets.  Since there is no camera to stream the games, the 3 senior boys playing JV will be allowed 4 tickets.   

In Burnside (MS Basketball): 

Historically, MS attendance has not been as high as HS events.  Therefore, there will be no capacity restrictions at MS events.  We will continue to do a gym clear if necessary. 

All students must sit with their family unit.  We expect children to limit the number of trips to the restroom.  (There will be no concessions.)     

In Burnside (MS Wrestling) 

At this time, we do not know the participant numbers.  We are scheduled to have at least 6 teams at this time and do not know the number of wrestlers.  With the limited capacity, it is not unreasonable to expect that spectators will not be allowed.  We will closely monitor the situation and make a decision closer to the home meet on Thursday, March 4th.   

Below is the guidance schools received from the state athletic association/union:

Governor Reynolds' Public Health Proclamation on January 7, 2021 included the following measures for junior high and high school sports, effective Friday, January 8 at 12:01 a.m. through at 11:59 p.m. on February 6, 2021.

Section 6

Sporting and recreational gatherings:  Except for collegiate or professional sporting or recreational gatherings, all sporting and recreational gatherings, including sporting, recreational and other extracurricular gatherings sponsored by a high school, must comply with the following requirements:

         (1) Social Distancing Required:  The gathering organizer and all spectators must ensure at least six feet of physical distance between each group of spectators.”

         (2) Masks Required:  Although athletes or student participants are not required to wear a mask while participating in a gathering, all other participants and spectators over the age of two shall wear a mask or other face covering for all gatherings.

Q.  Does this proclamation also apply to middle schools?

A.  Yes. Section 6 B refers to all recreational gatherings.

Q.  Are schools required to allow more spectators or may they follow previous plans of household members for each participant?

A.  Schools can determine their spectator limits.  Any guidelines more restrictive (fewer than the proclamation allows) are permissible.  Schools/conferences may continue with their spectator plans based on the more restrictive guidelines in the December 16 proclamation if they desire.

Q.  Are schools required to enforce social distancing for spectators?

A.  The proclamation directly states: "the gathering organizer....must ensure" that there is six feet of social distancing between each group of spectators.  A school is considered the gathering organization.

Q.  Was there any change to members of the same households having to wear masks and social distance?

A.  Members of the same household still may sit together, but must socially distance from others.  Masks are still required.  Nothing in the proclamation changed those requirements.

Q.  Must schools clear the gym between games?

A.  Schools must ensure that the number of spectators in the gym safely allows 6 feet of social distancing at all times.  Schools are responsible for determining how to monitor spectator seating from game to game.

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