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2020 Twin Lakes Art Show

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Southeast Valley Students participate in 2020 Online Art Show


            With the sweeping curse that is Covid-19, many school events have been cancelled leaving many students missing out on opportunities offered this time of year.  This  unfortunate course of events seemed to have caused the 2020 Twin Lakes Art Show to be cancelled as well.  Fortunately, with a clever idea the Twin Lakes Art Show was decided to be held online.  Not an ideal situation, with artwork ideally needing to be seen in person, but everyone made the best of a bad situation.

            The Southeast Valley students sent 12 artworks into the online art show.  Artworks were selected before Covid-19 hit by high school faculty and Mr. Bachel. The twelve artworks were uploaded onto google drive and put together into an official 2020 Online Art Show slideshow. Those SV artists honored to be selected but didn’t place in the show included: Sophomore Majesta Jordison, and Seniors Emma Pudenz and Emerald Jordison.  Emerald entered two projects one of which was a ceramic pottery which if would have been seen in person would have been hard not to be honored with an award.

            Southeast Valley did remarkably well, marking the second year in a row the SV artist’s had the most awards handed out to a school.  Last year they received nine, while this year they were awarded seven individual awards.  Two seniors, Chase Kamp and Viatris Scott,  were awarded Honorable Mention awards in their last high school art show.  Chase Kamp put in his abstract portrait titled “Lucy”.  While Viatris Scott entered “One Note at a Time” a black and white drawing of hands playing a piano.  Both students are in the “Art Room Wall of Fame” so it was nice to see both of them being honored in this show.

Slowly becoming a tradition, the SV artists again almost ran the painting acrylic category. Getting two of the three awards, Seniors Jaynie Ferrari and Madison Allbee were the winners in that category.  Jaynie has a trend of painting her cows and has become very good at it.  Her artwork is one of her cows which is a white cow making an interesting looking painting.  The judge agreed, awarding her one of the painting acrylic awards.  Madison Allbee has been an “Art Wall of Fame” member since early this year.  Madison has done some good art in the past but has never made it into the TLC art shows.  In her senior year, Madison not only entered the show, but snagged an award with her piece honey bee.

The growing field of Digital Illustration is slowly becoming big in the TLC art show as well.  Junior Jaelyn Davis took home one of the three awards offered in the Digital Illustration category.  Jaeylyn’s piece titled “Anathema” struck the judge with a wolf's bright green eyes surrounded by the red of the fire.  Really interesting piece which takes a lot of work being done in a digital format. 

            In her unfortunately last art show, stud Haley Studyvin, took home two of the most coveted art show awards; Best in Show 3D and the coveted Student’s Choice award.  Haley placed last year in student’s choice, this year she won the thing and by a landslide as well.  Haley won Student’s Choice with her piece titled “Drum Messiah” which was requisitioned by fellow SV student Logan Stapp.  The piece is done in oil paint which is harder to work with than acrylic which makes it even more impressive.  The other award is the best three dimensional work in the entire show.  This is the first time an SV artist has ever been awarded the best in show 3D category.  Vanity the title of the artwork shows the detail that Haley puts into all her artwork.  Anubis style figure is done with modeling clay, and the level of detail and painting is astonishing.  Making it easy to see why it was chosen as Best in Show 3D.  Really couldn’t have been a better run in art shows than Haley Studyvin has had.  She has been awarded in every art show she has participated in.  Tallying 7 total awards throughout her art show career which is the most by any one Southeast Valley art student.  Definitely going down as one of the most decorated artists in Southeast Valley history so far.

Congrats to all the winners and participants of this year's online art show.  These artists are very talented  and will be missed next year. Only three of the participating artists this year will return next year.  Southeast Valley will graduate some talented artists which leaves the question, which students will replace them next year?


Viatris Scott - “One note at a Time”


Chase Kamp - “Lucy”


Jaynie Ferrari - “Charolais Candy”


Madison Allbee - “Honey Bee”


Jaelyn Davis - “Anathema”


Haley Studyvin - “Drum Messiah”


Haley Studyvin - “Vanity”


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