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*Opens Oct 1, 2021 & Closes July 1, 2022 for the 2022-2023 School Year

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Scholarship-Due Date                                                                                                

Common Application-March 1, 2022                            

**Use the checklist (check the ones you want to apply for) with the application to apply for:   

Common Application                                

Common App Scholarship Checklist

Scholarship included on the checklist:

Belle Erickson                                  

Dr. H.L Bessie Johnson Memorial                                   

George D Larson                                  

Lucile Swenson Memorial                                   

Genevieve G Cone                                



David Larson Foundation                                

Peterson Post 431                               

Gowrie Arts Council                               

Heartland Bank                               

Security Savings Bank                                

Rose Masonic Lodge of Gowrie                             

Duane Tasler Memorial                            

National Honor Society (NHS)                          

Herbert & Violet Murphy                              

Wheels of GYC                              

Prairie Valley Elementary PTA

Xi Eta Sigma Scholarship                                                                               


Dayton & Lehigh Fire Department- April 13th, 2022

*Graduate of SVHS                                   

*Pursing postsecondary training in criminal justice, EMS or fire science.

Dayton & Lehigh Fire Department Scholarship Application


Dayton American Legion-April 1, 2022

*All seniors of SVHS can apply                                 

*Students going into a helping profession are encouraged to apply                                   

Dayton American Legion Application


Burnside Centennial Committee-April 1, 2022                                   

*Resident of Southeast Webster Grand district                                 

*Plan to enter a liberal arts or vocational technical educational program after HS graduation                                                                                             

Burnside Centennial Committee                


Dayton Community Club-April 1, 2022                                  

*All seniors of SVHS are eligible to apply              

Dayton Community Club


Dayton Lions Club-April 1, 2022                                  

*Resident of Dayton                       

*Planning on attending a vocational/trade school                              

Dayton Lions Club                                 


E. Leonard & Marilyn G. Anderson-April 1, 2022                                  

*2.5 GPA                                 

*Senior graduating from SVHS                              

*Preference given to those with Christian character and values, pursuing a ministry or ag related field and could be a member of the Dayton Wranglers               

E. Leonard & Marilyn G. Scholarship Application


Field Scholarship-April 1, 2022                                  

*Senior furthering their education at any postsecondary institution                         

Field Scholarship


Lehigh Lions-March 29, 2022                                   

*Graduate of SVHS                              

*Plans to enter post secondary education or training

Lehigh Lions


Lehigh River Days Committee-April 1, 2022                                   

*Senior must live in Lehigh and/or Burnside area                           

Lehigh River Days Committee


Lehigh Women's Club- April 1, 2022                                 

*Graduate of SVHS                                  

*Resident of Lehigh or Burnside                                  

*Plans to enter vocational-technical training, junior college, or four year college after high school

Lehigh Womens Club Application


Web. County Ice Breakers Snowmobile Club-April 1, 2022                                  

*SVHS Seniors         

Snowmobile Scholarship Application


Little Jaguar Scholarship-April 1, 2022                                  

*Senior attending college in the fall        

Little Jaguars Scholarship


Cecil Mae Schmoker-March 15, 2022                                   

*Graduate of a Webster County High School                                   

*Good Christian Character

*In need of financial assistance to attend a post secondary institution in the fall,

underprivileged, or member of a minority group.

*Renewable for a second year                               

Cecil Mae Schmoker Scholarship Application


Webster County Retired School Personnel- February 25, 2022

*Seniors of a Webster County school district pursuing a degree in education                           

Webster County Retired Personnel Scholarship App


Clay Township- April 1, 2022                                  

*3.0 GPA                                  

*Preference to students from the Clay Township and students pursuing a career in agriculture related studies                                  

Clay Township Scholarship Application


Dayton Leader Scholarship- April 1, 2022                                  

*SVHS senior                               

Dayton Leader Scholarship Application


Gowrie Quilters- April 6, 2022                                 

*Prairie Valley senior

Gowrie Quilters Application


Greenfield-Hartquist American Legion #699- April 1, 2022                                 

*Resident of Southeast Webster Grand graduating from SVHS

Greenfield-Hartquist American Legion #699


G3G- April 1, 2022                                  

*SVHS Senior

G3G Application


Harcourt Activities Club- April 1, 2022                                   

*SVHS Senior

Harcourt Activities Club


Gowrie Women's Club- April 1, 2022                                   

*SVHS Senior

Gowrie Women's Club Application


Gowrie United Methodist Church- April 1, 2022                                   

*Senior who is an active or inactive member of the Gowrie United Methodist Church

Gowrie United Methodist Church


Mildred and Milo L. Hayes Scholarship- April 9, 2022                                 

*Seniors must be in the top half of their graduating class          

Class of 2021 Milo and Mildred Hayes Scholarship Application                                 

Scholarship Description


SWG Booster Club- April 9, 2022                                   

*Graduate of SVHS                                   

*Plans to enter post secondary education or training after graduation

SWG Booster Club Application


Todd Eslick Memorial Scholarship-April 1, 2022                                 

*Open to all SVHS seniors with a 2.0 GPA or above                               

*Preference to those going into aviation or agriculture

Todd Eslick Scholarship Application


Gowrie News- April 13, 2022                                   

*Graduate of SVHS                                 

*Plans to enter post secondary education or training after graduation                                  

Gowrie News Scholarship Application


Cronin Scholarship- April 8, 2022                                   

*Graduate of SVHS class 2022                                   

*Attend college after graduation

Cronin Scholarship Application


Central Iowa Enduro Riders-April 1, 2022                                   

*Senior from Southeast Webster Grand

Enduro Riders 2022 Scholarship Application



Due by Website/Mail by...

Timberline Billing Service LLC- January 15, 2022

*Students who have had or currently have an IEP                          

Timberline Billing Service LLC Scholarship Application

Jaguar Youth Wrestling Club- April 1, 2022 

*Scholarships will be awarded to individuals who have been involved with wrestling and all that comes with it; wrestlers, managers and cheerleaders are encouraged to apply.

*Complete application

*Current Southeast Valley Graduating Students

Jaguar Youth Wrestling Club Scholarship Application

Jeff Clancy Memorial Scholarship-April 30,2022

Jeff Clancy Memorial Scholarship Application

Lehigh Ball Park Scholarship- April 30, 2022

Lehigh Ball Park Scholarship

Fort Dodge Messenger-March 11, 2022

Fort Dodge Messenger Application

Lyle Bartlett Sportsman Memorial Scholarship

Lyle Bartlett Sportsman Memorial Scholarship Application


Associated General Contractors of Iowa                          

Construction Scholarship Application

Diesel Scholarship Application


 Calhoun County REC: Basin Electric Power Cooperative Scholarship

February 5, 2021                          

2021 Basin Scholarship Application


Calhoun County REC

Calhoun County REC Application

Samsung American Legion Scholarship

Scholarship applicants must complete and submit their online application prior to 11:59 (local time) of Day 1 of their respective American Legion Boys State or American Legion Auxiliary Girls State program                           


The Foundation for Blended and Online Learning Scholarship Program                            

Application Website

W & H Cooperative Oil Company



Ag Cooperative Safety Directors of Iowa: Mark Hambleton Memorial Scholarship


Robert D Blue Scholarship

 Application Link

NEW Cooperative-March 4, 2022

Scholarship Site

AutoNerdsReview Yearly Scholarship                           


$2,000 Porch Scholarship occurs four times a year and is open to high school seniors and current college students                               

Spring Contest Cycle: April 17 - July 17 of each year.

                                  Summer Contest Cycle: July 18 - October 14 of each year.

                                  Fall Contest Cycle: October 15 - January 15 of the following year.

                                  Winter Contest Cycle: January 16 - April 16 of each year.                                   

Porch Scholarship


Iowa Association of Building Officials                                 

Construction Scholarship Application

Diesel Scholarship Application


Landus Cooperative- February 26, 2022

Landus Cooperative Scholarship Application

GO Banking Rates



Postal Employee Scholarship



Adrian Rubin Scholarship



Calhoun County Cattlemen's Scholarship- May 2, 2022

Calhoun County Cattlemen's Scholarship Application

MidwestOne Bank: The Pearl Hull Scholarship

Pearl Hull Falk Scholarship Application Information



Grand Lodge of Iowa Masonic Scholarship- February 1, 2022

Grand Lodge of Iowa Masonic Scholarship

Grand Lodge Of Iowa Masonic Scholarship Charitable Ed Corporation Scholarship- March 1, 2022

Grand Lodge of Iowa Masonic Technical Scholarship

Iowa Automobile Dealer Foundation- March 1, 2022

Iowa Automobile Dealers Foundation Application

Iowa Newspaper Foundation- February 11, 2022

Iowa Newspaper Foundation Link

JCI Senate Foundation


Citizens Community Credit Union- March 31, 2022

Citizens Community Credit Union Scholarship Website Link

GFWC/IOWA Foundation of Women's Club- February 1, 2021

GWFC Scholarship Application

First Friday Breakfast Club

First Friday Breakfast Club Scholarship Application and Infomation

Iowa Central: Foundation Scholarship- April 26, 2021

Iowa Central Foundation Scholarship Webpage

Calhoun County Electric Cooperative Association-April 2, 2021

Cooperative Scholarship Website

Scholarship Application PDF


SFM Foundation- March 30, 2021


Hubel Scholarship- Holy Trinity Parish


Lehigh Valley Carp Classic


Carl & Eva Swanson Scholarship Fund: Oct 28- 5pm on January 6, 2022

Carl & Eva Swanson Scholarship Application Information

Carl & Eva Swanson FAQ

Carl & Eva Swanson Scholarhsip Application Link


Friendship Haven: Dr. William and Edna Remer Scholarship & John and Eva Amond Scholarship & Reach Higher Scholarship

 Friendship Haven Scholarship Application

Iowa Golf Association Foundation


Webster County Soil and Water Conservation District

 Webster County Soil & Water Conservation District Application

Information Letter

Conservation Districts of Iowa- February 12, 2021

Conservation Districts of Iowa Application

Conservation Districts of Iowa Rules


Calhoun County Soil and Water Conservation District

 Calhoun County Soil and Water Conservation District Scholarship Application

 Calhoun County Soil & Water Scholarship Application Guidelines

Buddy Scholarship- The Northwest Iowa Down Syndrome Society


Cancer Pathways

Midland Power Cooperative- January 31, 2022


Greene County Medical Center-March 17, 2021

Foundation Scholarship Application 

Auxiliary Scholarship Application


2020 Brian Pearson Memorial Scholarship: Iowa Games- April 5, 2021

2021 Brian Pearson Memorial Scholarship

Webster County Pheasants Forever


Trinity Regional Medical Center-April 2, 2021

 Trinity Regional Medical Center Application


Children Cancer Connection

May 3- fall & Sept 27- spring                                  

Children Cancer Connection Scholarship Application

Scholarship Databases and Financial Aid Information:

Pearson Pathways just released this resource guide titled, Scholarships for people of color: Resources and requirements