Southeast Valley High School


Jaguars to Play for the State Championship

The Jaguars football team knocked off the defending 1A State Champions last week to get to the State Semi Final Game and now knocked off the defending Class 2A State Champions and will be playing in the Class 2A State Championship game next Friday at 10:00 AM against West Lyon.

Waukon was the defending state champions and had made 5 straight dome appearances and won the state title 2 out of the last 5 years but that did not affect how the Jags prepared the whole week and the approach they took from the opening play.

The Jags kickoff to Waukon and they fumbled it and Aaron Graves recovered it. What a great way to start a football game. Kolson Kruse ran 6 straight plays for a total of 35 yards and scored from 7 out on his 6th run to take the early lead. Lathe Muench ran it the 2 point conversion and the Jags led 8-0.

Waukon had some big plays on their opening drive but on 4th and 3 the Jags defense had a huge sack and got the ball back.

The Jags came out passing and Kolson Kruse hit Caden Larson for a 38 yard catch and then Kolson Kruse hit Eli Johnson for a 21 yard TD and the Jags were ahead 14-0

Waukon came right back with a quick 31 yard pass but 2 plays later Waukon fumbled and Ethan Ackerson got the recovery.

Jags wasted no time with Kolson Kruse hitting Colton Brant for a quick 22 yard pickup. Then Kolsn ran the ball four times then hit Tre Fisher for 37 yards and Kolson ran it in from 2 yards out.  

The Jags kicked off and Jared Cloud recovered the third fumble of the day.

Kolson Kruse hit Colton Brant again for 20 and then Tre Fisher for an 8 yard TD. Kolson also hit Tre Fisher for the 2 point conversion and the Jags were ahead 28-0.

Jags defense was stout and forced Waukon to punt after 4 plays.

The Jags put a nice long drive together before half but could not find the endzone before half.

The Jags received the opening second half kickoff and put together a 13 play drive and took 8 minutes off the clock. Kolson Kruse and Lathe Muench were running hard behind the outstanding blocking of the offensive line. Then Kolson Kruse hit Colton Brant for another 22 yards, then hit him for another 8. Then Kolson Kruse hit Tre Fisher for a quick 10 and then Kolson ran it in from 3 yards out. Jags led 34-0

Waukon wasted no time driving the field with a run of 26 and then a big 40 yard reception for the TD and the score was now 34-7

Jags have to punt after 3plays. THis is when last week's last minutes started feeling scary.

Waukong was moving it again and you could really feel a swing in the game but then Caden Larson came up with a huge Interception and that was exactly what the Jags needed to get the momentum back.  

It was time for Kolson Kruse to take over the game. He went 6 straight carries with runs of 2-7-7-13-1 and then finished it off with a 46 yard TD Kolson also hit Caden Larson for the 2 point conversion and the Jags were ahead 42-7

Waukon came right back with a big 48 yard Screen for the score and within minutes it was back to 42-14.

The Jags went right back to Kolson with runs of 4-3-5 and he hit another 48 yard TD and the hit Colton Brant for the 2 point conversion and the final score was 50-14

The Jags Defense had another outstanding night. Waukon was averaging over 400 yards rushing a game and the Jags defense held them to 90 total yards rushing. They also held Class 2A #1 TB in yards to a total of 83 yards. Coach Swieter said Coach Graves had another great game plan and the kids executed it the way it was set up.

The Jags offense was just as powerful, totaling over 500 total yards. The time of possession was over 30 minutes in favor of the Jags and with Waukon only having it for 17 minutes it was huge, having control of the game and the clock. Everyone did their part for the offense to succeed the way it did. Kolson Kruse had the game of his life but the entire offense had a special part of this huge performance. The line dominated the entire night. The Jags had 4 guys catch balls with Colton Brant, Tre Fisher, Eli Johnson and Caden Larson. Lathe Muench did not get his normal carries because he needed to help with the blocking this week and he had an outstanding night of blocking. Everyone was involved and everyone was having fun.

This was also one of the best games the Jaguars special teams have had this season. With recovering 2 fumbles and not giving up big returns. 

Everyone was part of this special win. If they did not know who Southeast Valley was they do now.

Coach Swieter wanted to tell everyone one involved from players, coaches, all helpers, fans ETC thank you for all your help and support. Let's finish this with a State Championship. Drop what you are doing next week and let's pack the Dome next Friday morning at 10:00 AM and bring home a state title.