Southeast Valley High School


Jaguars Clinch the Class 2A District 2 Championship

The Jaguars clinch the District Title by beating Pocahontas Area School 40-3. This gives the Jags back to back district championships and this group of seniors have won the District title 3 of the last 4 years. The Jaguars have won the District title 4 of the 8 years since they have joined.

The Jags knew they had their hands full with 4-2 Poky going into this game. Poky was once ranked 5th in the state but took losses to OABCIG and Estherville so the Jags knew they had to be aggressive right away and set the tone for the game.

The Jags defense took the field first. Poky picked up a quick 1st down but the Jags defense held Poky on a 4th and 1 and took over on downs.

The Jags wasted no time. Kolson hit Tre for a quick 10 yard pass, then hit Colton for another 20 then Lathe had a 7 yard run then a 15 yard TD run. Kolson ran in the 2 point conversion.

Poky had a quick 3 and out.

Jags went right back to work on the ground with runs from Kolson and Lathe for about 50 yards but found themselves on a 4th and 5 on the 14 yard line but the Jags could not get the 1st down. So the score after the 1st was 8-0

Poky has another 3 and out.

Jags 3 plays later Kolson hit Tre for a 45 yard TD and Kolson hit Colton for the 2 point conversion and the score was 16-0

Poky picked up 1 first down but was forced to punt again.

3 Plays later Kolson hit Tre for another 46 yard TD and Kolson also ran in the 2 point conversion. Jags now led 24-0

Poky put together a 10 play drive but was forced to kick a FG.

With 51 seconds left on the clock the smart thing to do was to run the ball and take the 24-3 lead to half time. NOPE the Jags stayed aggressive. Kolson had a quick run of 29. Then Kolson hit Lathe for a quick 29 yard catch and then with 6 seconds left Kolson hit Eli in the back of the endzone for the TD. Kolson then hit Eli for the 2 point conversion and that was the dagger the Jags needed to give Poky before half. The Jags now led 32-3

Jags took the opening drive with great runs from Kolson and Lathe and finally Lathe ran in the TD from 5 yards out and also ran in the 2 point conversion. Jags now led 40-3. This allowed the rest of the game to be continuous clock.

The Jags Defense only allowed 100 total yards and 5 total first downs. Coaches were very happy how the defense came to play.

The offense continues to do whatever is needed to move the ball and score when needed.

This win gave the boys the Class 2A District 2 District Championship.

The boys know this was a great accomplishment but also realize they play a very good Spirit Lake next week so they need to stay focused this week and ready to go next Friday.