Southeast Valley High School


Jaguars Are Headed to the Dome

The Southeast Valley football team is headed to the Dome after their 34-28 win over Top ranked #1 OABCIG.

This was the second time this season that OABCIG came to town ranked #1 in the AP poll and the second time leaving with a loss. OABCIG is the defending state champions the last 2 years and has only lost 2 games over the last 3 years and both were to the Jaguars. OABCIG has only lost 4 games in the last 4 years and 3 are from the Jaguars. Coach Swieter said It does not get much better than that. To be able to knock off a team that has won that many games is great but doing it twice in the same year is just that much better.

This was a game where the score was way closer than the way the game went down. The Jaguars had complete control of the game and were ahead 34-6 with 3 minutes to go. They had controlled every part of the game. Then after 3 onside recoveries and 3 TD's the Jaguars only held on for the win 34-28. That was the longest 3 minutes that every single Jaguar fan, player and coach has ever gone through. I think we all thought we were going to blow it and we almost did but that bottom line is the boys held on to the win and will advance to the State Semifinals next Saturday and play Waukon at 10:00 am.

The game started off with great play from the defense and OABCIG turned it over on downs. 2 plays later Kolson Kruse ran it in from 48 out and the Jags took the early lead 6-0

OABCIG put together a 14 play drive but on 4th and goal the Jags defense held them out.

Kolson took over the next drive with 3 runs of 5-16-5 and then threw to Tre Fisher for a quick 8 and then ran it 3 more times for 3-12-2 and then finished with a TD pass to Tre Fisher from 26 yards out. Kolson Kruse hit Eli Johnson for the 2 point conversion and the Jags had a nice 14-0 lead.

Jags defense forces a quick 4 and out.

Jags marched down the field with more running from Koilson and hit Tre for another quick 8n yards and then hit Colton Brant for a 5 yard TD and the Jags were ahead 20-0

Jags defense forces another 4 and out

The Jags tried putting a late drive together but had to punt.

On the first play for OABCIG the Jags forced a fumble and Justin Loseke picked it up and ran it in from 9 yards out and the Jags led 26-0.

OABCIG had a quick 51 yard run to get them in scoring range but the Jags defense held them out before half. This was huge leading like this at half but we knew they would not give up.

Third quarter was very tight with OABCIG scoring right away but the Jags marched right back 11 play drive with good runs from Kolson, Lathe and the Kolson hit Eli for 13 and then Colton for 20 and Lathe finished the drive with a 3 yard TD and the Jags led 34-6.

With around 3 minutes to go is when the game changed. The Jags had the lead 34-6 and in less than 3 minutes OABCIG scored 22 points, 3 TD's and recovered 3 onside kicks. Everyone could just feel the game slipping away. OABCIG even had the ball at the end of the game to try for the win but the Jags defense held them out for the victory. WOW what a comeback from them. The stress level was very high but all that mattered was the end result and that was the Jags winning 34-28 and advancing to the State Semi Finals.

The Jags 10-1 will face Waukon 10-1 in the State Semifinals game next Saturday at 10:00 am. Please come out and support the boys next week. They have worked hard and can't wait to put a show on for everyone in the dome.