Southeast Valley High School


Jaguar Football Only Undefeated Team in 2A

The Southeast Valley knocks off the #4 ranked team in the state after beating the #2 team in the state last week.

The score was a little closer than what actually happened on the field. The Jags actually were in complete control most of the game by more than doubling ELC yards with the Jags having 446 yards to ELC 196. This was a dominating performance on both sides of the ball.

The Jags defense held ELC to 1 first down the first half. ELC had a total of 2 first downs at the end of the 3rd. Meanwhile the Jags had 21 first downs while controlling the clock.

The Jags defense started the game by forcing ELC to punt just after 4 plays.

The Jags offense were able to run the ball right away with big runs from Kolson and Lathe but ELC defense stepped up and forced the Jags to throw and the Jags were wide open for the TD but the WR did not come down with the ball.

Jags defense forces ELC to another quick 3 and out.

Jags offense wasted no time going back to the pass with Kolson hitting Colton Brant for a quick 40 yards and then Lathe and Kolson pounded the ball to the 4 yard line. The Jags were 4th and 4 and Kolson hit Colton for the TD and took the lead 6-0

Jags defense forces ELC to their 3rd straight 3 and out.

Jags offense went right back to the air with Kolson hitting Tre Fisher for a quick 35 yards but the run game could not get things going and were stopped on 4th and 12.

Two plays later Colton Brant recovered a fumble and that was the break the Jags needed. Lathe Muench had runs of 3-4-4, Kolson a quick 13 and then Lathe Muench punched it in from the 11 and the Jags took the lead 12-0

The Jags defense forced the 4th straight 3 and out. ELC still did not have a first down.

First play the Jags fumbled on the 16 yard line and that was the break ELC needed to get back into the game.

It still took 6 plays and ELC getting their first down but ELC scored on 4th and 1 and made the score 12-7 going into half. The Jags were in complete control but found themselves only up 5 points. The Jags were down on themselves because we had a turnover, penalties and a few dropped passes but still were ahead by 5 over the 4th ranked team in the state.

The Jags wanted to come out the second half and show everyone what they were made of. Carl Berglund had a great kick return to get things started. Kolson had a 7 yard run, Lathe 9 yards and then Kolson had a 38 yard run to open up the game and the Jags now led 18-7

Jags forced their 5th 3 and out.

Jags started moving the ball again but fumbled. This was the Jags 2nd turnover and gave ELC life.

ELC picked up their 2nd first down of the game, but the Jags defense forced them to punt again.

Jags offense put together their final scoring drive together for 90 yards in 9 plays with great runs from Lathe and Kolson and great blocking by the other 10 players on the field. But the big play was Kolson hitting Tre Fisher for a 44 yard reception to allow the Jags to finish the drive pounding the ball. Jags took the lead 24-7. It was the end of the 3rd quarter and ELC had 2 first downs.

ELC did put a late 90 yard drive together to make the score 24-14 but the Jags held onto the win and have defeated 2 ranked teams in back to back weeks.

The Jags are the only team in class 2A without a loss. OABCIG were able to beat Spirit Lake so the Jags are now sitting first in the district but there are a lot of big games to come. The Jags need to get healed up and not let the last 2 weeks of success affect how we continue preparing for Clarion next week on the road. We have to prepare even harder.

This was another great win for the program. The Jags football program is now JVR 4-0, JV 3-0 and Varsity 5-0. 12-0 and we want to keep it that way.

The coaches were extremely happy with the way the defense is playing. Everyone is doing a great job. Justin Loseke had one of his best nights at MLB recording 10 tackles, 1 assist, 1 sack and 1 tackle for a loss. Aaron Graves plays Nose Guard and gets doubled and tripled teamed and Justin has taken advantage of that and has been dominating on the defense week after week.

Thank you to everyone who made the long trip up there.