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Southeast Valley High School

Southeast Valley High School

1005 Riddle Street, Gowrie, IA 50543
Office:  (515)352-3142
Office Fax:  515-352-3143


Basic Information

Grades: 9th-12th
Enrollment: 340
Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 3:21 p.m.

Principal:   Kerry Ketcham

Secretary:  Aimee Jackson
Secretary:  Kristi Peacock

Guidance Counselor:  Danielle Dee

Nurse:  Carrie Knoll


Southeast Valley High School News

Athletic and Activity pictures are posted with articles for that event.

High School Parents

Reminder to please use the High School office Ph: 515-352-3142 to report all absences, etc.
Thank you.



Southeast Valley Area Resource Guide



The shuttle for AM Weight lifting will run TuesdayWednesday and Thursday starting August 30th.  Leaves Burnside at 6:05AM, Dayton at 6:20AM and Harcourt 6:30AM


High School Students - If you need to ride the activity/shuttle bus you need to sign up in the High School office EACH DAY you need to ride. The bus will drop off at Sparky’s in Harcourt, Casey’s in Dayton and the Middle School in Burnside.  IF YOU DO NOT SIGN UP THE SHUTTLE DOES NOT RUN.

2017 RAI Core Courses List

The Iowa Board of Regents Office and the Iowa Department of Education (IDE) continue to partner to provide each Iowa high school with a list of their respective courses that are accepted for the Regent Admission Index (RAI).  Your high school’s RAI Core Course list, created using 2016-2017 Winter Student Reporting in Iowa (SRI) data, is now available publicly through the RAI Repository website listed below:




·We update your school’s RAI Core Course List on the RAI Repository in mid-August of each year.  The courses listed are based on the SRI course data that your school submitted to the IDE the previous winter.

·The Iowa Regent universities encourage you to circulate this list widely, including placing it on your school’s website so that your students, parents, and staff will all have a clear understanding as to which of your school’s courses count toward the RAI.  We hope this document will be of particular use as your students register for their courses. 

·The SCED code assigned by your school determines whether a course counts toward the RAI.  A table of the SCED codes acceptable toward the RAI are available on the Board of Regents website at www.iowaregents.edu/RAI/SCED.pdf. The BOR conducts periodic reviews to ensure that assigned SCED codes match high school course descriptions.

·If you wish to request changes to your school’s current RAI Core Course List, please send revisions to Phil Caffrey by email (pbcaffr@iastate.edu ) or by fax (515 294-6106).  If you need to add a course, please include your school’s course name, local course number, and SCED code that your school has assigned to the course.  For technical issues, please contact Jason Pontius at the Iowa Board of Regents by email ( jason.pontius@iowaregents.edu)

Contact persons for this project:


Board of Regents, State of Iowa:      Jason Pontius, jason.pontius@iowaregents.edu515 281-3331
Iowa Department of Education:         Rachel Kruse, rachel.kruse@iowa.gov515 281-4153
Iowa State University:                        Phil Caffrey, pbcaffr@iastate.edu, 515 294-0817


HSEO Feature, January 8, 2018

New and Improved Science of Parenting



NEW and IMPROVED Science of Parenting

One Stop Shop’ 

Science of Parenting Website!

  • Frantically trying to handle a toddler tantrum? Find info in Parenting in Challenging Moments
  • Trying to find out when your teen should put down their electronics? Check out Everyday Parenting/Teens
  • Curious about what your own ACE score might be?  Check out Parenting Research
  • Wondering how teach children with allowances? Checkout the Everyday Parenting page

All ISU Extension and Outreach Science of Parenting publications can be found by following www.scienceofparenting.org 

Science of Parenting


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Human Sciences Specialists, Regions 7 & 8

Malisa Rader, Family Life | 515-708-0622mrader@iastate.edu                            
Holly Van Heel, Nutrition & Health | 515-576-2119
Barb Wollan, Family Finance |  515-832-9597


Human Sciences Extension and Outreach
Empowering People. Growing Lives.


April Dare to Excel Newsletter 

When weekends, school breaks, and summer are added together, kids spend many hours outside of school walls.  How this time is spent affects their growth and development, as well as their success at school.  Iowa State University Extension and Outreach offers a monthly newsletter during the school year, September through May, to help parents help their children become better learners. 

Even though a child’s time at school is essential, some equally important lessons can be learned outside of the classroom.  After school programs have many benefits for children and parents.  After school programs give children the opportunity to stimulate their brains, develop self-confidence and strengthen their belief that they can accomplish goals.  The benefits aren’t just for the kids; mom and dad are affected too.  After school programs provide a safe environment for children when parents work late and offer children new learning opportunities that can improve overall attitudes and personal conduct.  Learn more about after school opportunities and how to strike a balance in a child’s schedule in the April issue of the Dare to Excel newsletter.


Dare to Excel Newsletter

Athletic Physical Form


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