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Prairie Valley’s 4 Yr. Old Preschool Registration for the Upcoming 2017-18 School-Year is Underway Now!

Farnhamville Elem

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Farnhamville Elementary

Prairie Valley Elementary
3116 Zearing Ave., Farnhamville, IA 50538
Office:  (515) 467-5700 
Office Fax:  (515) 467-5646

Basic Information
Grades: Preschool - 4th
Enrollment:  250
Hours: 8:35 a.m. - 3:20 p.m.
Principal:  Jim Duncan
Secretary:  Shelly Peterson
Guidance Counselor:  Brittany Wilkening
Guidance-Student Supports:  Kyle Johnson
Nurse:  Christine Skoglund



Prairie Valley Elementary School News


Dear Prairie Valley Elementary Families,


    Our TK-4th grade students will be attending the 2017 Southeast Valley Homecoming Parade and the following coronation/rally at the Jaguar Football Field in Gowrie  FRIDAY – Sept. 22nd.


    Both Southeast Valley elementary schools will be in a brief parade starting at approximately 1:20 PM, from the city park walking down Market Street to the Beek Street corner.  PV Elementary will be walking on the north side of Market Street and SW-G’s elementary will be walking on the south side.  PV Elementary will then be seated on the west side (Macke Motors side) of Beek Street, where we will watch the following 7th –12th  graders’ parade.  After the parade is over, we will walk to the football stadium where we will view the homecoming rally & coronation.  The rally should end at *approximately 3:00 PM.


    All of our buses/bus routes will leave from the football field in Gowrie immediately after the rally.  The buses will then go to the high school and soon leave directly from there to go on the afternoon routes.  There will NOT be the normal, after-school bus routine at P.V. Elementary.



v  Please be aware that since the route buses are leaving from Gowrie, this could affect the time that your child arrives home/at their bus stop.  They could arrive *approximately ten minutes earlier or later than usual. (This time frame obviously depends on when the rally ends.)


    If you are planning on picking up your student(s) from the homecoming rally at the football field, please send the note at the bottom of this page back to your child’s teacher(s) by Tuesday (Sept. 19th).  *Parents who are picking up their children after the rally will need to come directly up into the main bleachers and pick up their child personally from the classroom teacher.  (This is done to help ensure each child’s safety as there will be a lot of traffic in the area that day.)  *Please be at the field before/by 3:00 PM, but please refrain from picking up your child early or unexpectedly at the rally as this will disrupt the schedule, organization, and the event. 


Ø  If you do NOT want your child to attend the parade and rally, please send a specific note to your child’s teacher by Tuesday (19th).  *He or she will then need to be picked up from Prairie Valley Elementary BEFORE 12:30 PM on Homecoming Day.


    Please discuss the event, how he or she will be going home, and the related safety skills with your child prior to that day.  Your discussions of expectations are very helpful and appreciated.


    Students are encouraged to wear Jaguar colors (teal, black, & silver) on Homecoming Day.  This should be a fun day and a great way to celebrate school spirit and support our Southeast Valley Jaguars!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



If your child is being picked up (is NOT riding the school bus) after the rally, please fill out the slip below and return it to school by Tues.  9-19-17.                                                                           


______________________________________________________  will be picked up by

                                                     (PV Elem. student) 


____________________________________    ______________________________________

  1.                                                                     (this named adult’s phone number/s)  


from the 2017 Southeast Valley Homecoming Rally at the SV Football Field, in Gowrie on Friday, Sept. 22nd, immediately following the rally.  I know I (or the adult named above) need to be at the rally by 3:00 PM and that I (or the adult named above) must come up into the main bleachers to get my child.  My child will NOT be riding the bus at the end of the rally.


Parent’s / Legal Guardian’s Printed Name: _____________________________________


Parent’s / Legal Guardian’s Signature: ________________________________________


Important Dates
October 16th - hearing screens PS-2nd grade and new 3rd and 4th graders
November 27th - dental screenings for Kindergartners
Pending - 
Preschool and TK vision screens
2nd grade dental screens. 


Prairie Valley’s 4 Yr. Old Preschool Registration for the

Upcoming 2017-18 School-Year is Underway Now!


Children must be residents of Iowa and be four (4) years of age on or before September 15th, 2017.  You do not have to live in the Prairie Valley School District to be able to attend.

****  Space is limited****


Please call (515) 467-5700 or email us at:  petersons@prairievalley.k12.ia.us   for registration information or if you have any questions. 

Counseling Resources


The elementary art/makerspace is in need of some supplies for future projects at various grade levels.  There will be more items needed throughout the year. Your help in providing any of the listed materials would be greatly appreciated.  If you feel you have other items which may benefit our program, please contact me at  blangner@svjags.org   or  call the school @ 467-5700. Leave a message and contact information. Together we can make a difference! Thanks so much for your support -- Ms. Barb Langner, K-4 art & math intervention


White paper plates                Puzzle pieces of various sizes

Cotton swabs (Q-tips)                Clean lids of various sizes(yogurt, margarine, milk)

Masking tape                    Plastic ring left over when tape dispenser is empty

Toothpicks                    Googlie eyes of various sizes

Empty thread spools                Misc Nuts, Bolts, Screws, and Washers

CD discs (used or new)            Teal and Silver Permanent Markers

Styrofoam packing peanuts            Craft sticks    

Grape-size tomato containers - both the top & bottom parts

Clean Styrofoam trays (please none that have been in contact with raw meat)

Blocks of scrap lumber app 3-4” in length

Small wood shapes left-over from craft projects - to design on with wood burning tool

*** Please assure donated items have NOT been in contact with peanuts or tree nuts***


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