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Record Breaking Day for Southeast Valley Art Students

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                The Southeast Valley Art Department had a record breaking day at the annual Twin Lakes Conference Art Show.  Altogether the Jaguars took home nine awards which shattered the old SV record of 4 ribbons.  The day started off with the hanging of the show, followed by art workshops for the students and concluding with the juror’s comments and ribbon ceremony. To start off the ceremony is the prestigious student choice awards.  These awards mean a lot more because they are voted on by their peers as the best in the show.  For the first time ever, two SV students received ribbons for student choice.  Sam Hemmestad and Keri Fiala were rewarded fourth in student choice with their sculpture of a t-rex named “Roy”.  Haley Studyvin was awarded right after receiving the second most votes for student choice with the painting of her dog which was awarded at the Iowa Central show back in January.  Not only is it great having two projects placed in the student’s choice but having them place fourth and second is even better!

                The Day wasn’t over for the Jaguars with 7 more individual ribbons coming back to Southeast Valley.  The first ribbon came to Senior Grace Amos, who crafted a beautiful water landscape out of foam spray sealant, spray paint, and a lot of clear caulk.  The project came together overtime and as the judge commented on; it really gives the feel of the water coming over the rocks and looks like the real thing.  This was Grace’s first and last art show but what a way to start and finish her career.

                Second ribbon went to Sam and Keri for 2nd place in the sculpture category beating out Grace who came in third in the same category.  Sam and Keri were rewarded for Roy, which is made out of paper mache, model magic, and a lot of work!  Altogether this year Roy has won Sam and Keri three awards.  Two at the Twin Lakes Art Show and one back in January at the Iowa Central Art show.

                Next category the Jaguars were placed in was the photography category.  Junior Viatris Scott, took second place with her photo of her brother baling hay, appropriately titled; Hay Baling Boy.  The photo has won some awards before and the judge was drawn to it because summers in Iowa and baling hay go together so well.  I think we can all agree that is something we all want now.  The Judge was also very complimenting of her approach to the angle and how you can really grasp the weight of the bale as he tosses it up on the rack.

                The first of two 1st place category winners of the day went to Allison True, for her piece titled “Walk in Time”.  The painting was done in oil paint, a very difficult paint to work with.  Not many artists can grasp oil as quickly as Allison did but it shows her mastery in the impressionism styled painting.  The Judge loved the concept of kids holding hands as well as how the colors popped with the style she choose to paint it in.  The Non-Acrylic category is always very tough category and to win first place in it is something to be very happy about.  Alli finishes her art career having attended the show the last three years.

                If Non-Acrylic is tough, painting acrylic category would be the toughest category to win in.  Again the Jags came up with another ribbon, this time from Senior Shelby Hofbauer, with her piece titled: “Reflections of Oneself”.  The judge selected Shelby’s piece third place in that category, based on how she handled the reflection of herself and the emotion the painting expresses.  The original piece was a picture taken of Shelby she used for a senior self-portrait project in her studio art class.  This is a piece the picture taken does not do it justice, to truly appreciate this you have to see it in person.  As stated before the toughest and most entered category is the Painting-Acrylic category.  It was no surprise that Haley Studyvin who was awarded earlier in the students choice won the category with her piece titled Good Girl.  It is not hard to see why this won the category as Haley really captured her dog with the attention to detail she put into it was by far the most of any artwork in the show.  The judge really appreciated Haley capturing the realism of the image from the tongue to the fur.  Much like Sam and Keri with their Roy sculpture, this piece has earned Haley three ribbons in the last two art shows and from the pictures it is not hard to see why.


                The final ribbon for the Jaguars on the day came from Keri Fiala who was awarded earlier in the day for Roy.  This time on her own she was acknowledged third place in the Drawing Non-Graphite category.  Her piece titled appropriately “A million dots, go head and count them” is a pen drawing which is achieved in a style called Pointillism.  This style of art consists of placing tiny dots all over the surface until you achieve an image from afar.  The process is painstakingly hard; imagine making dots over a surface covering 18 inches by 24 inches and making them all to create an image in the end.  Hopefully you can see now why the piece is titled A million dots, which is probably a close estimate to how many dots are actually on the paper.  The judge really appreciated the effort level of the piece and marks Keri’s fourth and final time attending the Twin Lakes Art Show.


The following students were also selected among all the other Southeast Valley entries to attend the Twin Lakes Conference Art Show.   Kate Wickwire, Hailey Tuel, and Bailey Miller finished their senior year with a place in the art show, while sophomore Chloe Hicks and Junior Emma Hunter were also selected to take pieces into the show and participate in the activities of the day.



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